Executive Leadership Programs

Take your personal & business growth to the next level with our executive leadership programs. Delivered in-person and online, Australia-wide.

Our programs draw on years of experience, tested methods, and centuries of academic research on the human mind and human condition to coach you in kickstarting your dynamic growth. We combine our experience in leadership, natural sciences, and emotional quotient to deliver programs that drive conscious leadership, conscious living, and conscious self-management to foster and enhance personal and professional prosperity.

Dynamic Leadership Program (DLP)

This is an intensive course designed to take you on an extensive journey to self-discovery and mastery. It will teach you the tools you need to rewire your brain and develop a conscious leadership mindset which in turn will foster success and allow you to thrive. This program is ideal for business owners, GMs, CEOs and other corporate executives. 

Leadership and EQ in Management (LEM)

This program provides an in-depth coaching to managers with a strong focus on balancing the demands of leadership, garnering emotional intelligence, and effective modes of communication. This program is ideal for time poor managers for its streamlined content and flexibility. 

Dynamic Staff Support (DSS)

“A productive, positive employee experience has emerged as the new contract between employer and employee,” Global Human Capital Trends, Deloitte (2017). In this program, we provide mental and emotional support to staff to ensure employee satisfaction. With a focus on their complete and concerted engagement within the business, this approach sets the foundations for increased employee satisfaction which in turn boosts their productivity.

Effective Communication Training (ECT)

An all-day training on modes of effective communication delivered through interactive activities and presentations. 

Leadership in Business Planning (LBP)

This is a 3-day session perfect for small business owners in need of support and guidance in establishing a viable strategy for the growth and evolution of their business. 

Emotional Intelligence for Staff (EIS)

In recognition of the challenges inherent in each individual’s day to day life experience, our firm offers a transformational one on one session in emotional intelligence training to increase emotional endurance and self-mastery. 

Keynote Address

Contact us for an experienced speaker on Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Women In Business, Effective Communication and other Leadership and EQ related topics.

Custom Program Design

We recognise that every client’s needs are unique. We are therefore able to restructure our deliverables to suit your specific needs. 


Masterclass Training

Be Decisive.

Book your complimentary 30 min leadership strategy session today

During your complimentary coaching session, we will assess your business and leadership strategy so as to pinpoint what is working and how to build on it. We will equally highlight key areas in need of improvement, evaluate the source of any issues, and establish your next steps.