Principal Coach

Reyna V. Drake

Principal Coach & Speaker

Reyna is an author, leadership coach, and a business development strategist who staunchly believes in dynamic growth as the single most powerful force at the disposal of each individual.

With a passion for and a commitment to helping people not only succeed but also thrive in business and their lives, Reyna draws on years of experience and decades of academic research to guide clients in kickstarting their dynamic growth, and implementing sustainable change. She combines her experience in leadership, research, and business development to build and implement a host of programs that teach effective leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, conscious living, conscious business management, and conscious leadership to foster and enhance personal and professional prosperity. 

Reyna has a 1st Class Honours in Law, and a Bachelors in Government, International Relations, and International Business. She is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Australian Patriots Alliance, working closely with key figures of the movement to oppose the usurpation of the rights of the Australian public, and provide alternative infrastructures for the benefit of the people. Reyna is also the founder of the QuantumPrism Foundation dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities and contributing to the establishment of a new world in which all life may thrive.

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