Personal Leadership Programs

Foster balance and harmony in your family and other relationships with Ikighai’s personal leadership programs.

DLP Personal

This is an intensive course designed to take you on a personal journey to self-discovery and mastery. It will teach you the tools you need to rewire your brain and develop a conscious leadership mindset which in turn will foster success and allow you to thrive both in your interpersonal relationships and your business or career endeavours.

DLP in Parenting

Our firm’s research in parent(s)/child interactions demonstrate that a dynamic leadership mindset fostered in parents, emotional intelligence in children, and effective communication skills in both parties allow for a thriving parent(s)/child relationship where the parent(s) exercise conscious parenting.

DLP in Relationships

DLP in Relationships is a highly involved and hands-on program designed to immediately redress complex concerns experienced by couples at devastating crossroads as well as to implement new healthy habits to foster companionship and teamwork moving forwards. It focuses on each member of the couple individually, as well as the relationship as a whole. This allows both parties to heal, build their self-confidence, attain self-mastery, master their emotional intelligence, and thrive in all areas of their personal lives; whilst the relationship blossoms with passion, love, compassion, and peace. 

DLP in Family Relations

Dealing with family can be difficult and painful. Specifically built for families in need of a uniting force, this program instils in each member the understanding, emotional intelligence, compassion and the personal ownership skills needed to not only cope with, but build and sustain a thriving relationship with other family members with whom they have a strained or complex relationship. The program focuses on the family as a cohesive whole to ensure that the family unit grows with the interests and well-being of all members as a key priority.


Masterclass Training

Be Decisive.

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During your complimentary coaching session, we will assess your business and leadership strategy so as to pinpoint what is working and how to build on it. We will equally highlight key areas in need of improvement, evaluate the source of any issues, and establish your next steps.