Transformative Coaching

Transform your mindset & your business

What Is It?

Leadership is not a toolkit of skills;
it requires a transformative mindset.

For positive lasting change, transformative coaching is paramount not only for leaders in business but also for individuals. To make sense of the world, our minds construct narratives to which we bind ourselves with stringent convictions, regardless of their validity or veracity. Leading research in cognitive neuroscience stipulates that the human mind stagnates in its automatic thought-processing and deceives itself into believing it is right about its assumptions even when these are erroneous. These entrenched personal narratives then dictate our behaviour. Transformative coaching disrupts the mind’s automatic processing by challenging your logic. In so doing, this revolutionary approach to coaching unearths the underlying fears, desires, and other emotional paradigms buttressing your automatic narrative. Signing up to transformative coaching is therefore not for the faint of heart!

What are the
Benifits to you?

Transformative Coaching will push you out of your comfort zone, and will trigger emotional reactions as it forces you to look at yourself in the mirror.

Those with the courage to undertake this journey become CHAMPIONS. For once you make it past your fears, you learn, grow, and thrive.

Be Decisive.

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During your complimentary coaching session, we will assess your business and leadership strategy so as to pinpoint what is working and how to build on it. We will equally highlight key areas in need of improvement, evaluate the source of any issues, and establish your next steps.